Thursday, October 24, 2019


Waning Crescent Moon

Hurray for Spugly! Spugly the Spectacularly Ugly Palomino Transporter has completed its latest mission improbable. How many 1987 vehicles do you know that could get 29.6 miles per gallon and only burn one quart of oil on a 2,000 mile trip? You don't have to answer that - rhetorical question.

Before leaving Wichita Falls, I stopped at Lucy Park to squeeze in a one hour walk and check out the facilities. Nice park! It sits right next to the Wichita River on 176 acres of gently rolling prairie dotted with lots of big trees and circled/weaved through by paved trails. Full court basketball, disc golf course, two gazebos, a duck pond, a dinosaur playscape, a suspension bridge - man, this place is loaded!

The river itself used to have a set of real waterfalls, (duh, Wichita Falls) but they were mysteriously destroyed by "progress" or so I was told. Ingenious civic minds created a fake falls along the riverside just before I-44 - giant stairstep rocks where  water can be directed to create a cascading waterfall for special occasions. Sorta like a Hollywood stunt fall, only in Texas. I was not moved to photograph this waterless and dubious spectacle, but I did snap one of this humorous riverside storm drain that looks like one of Donald Duck's nephews.

I guess my arrival from California was no big deal, judging by the dry falls movie set, but I didn't let it get me down. Insert winky face here.

I did, however, immensely enjoy my walk around the park. It relaxed me for the ensuing plunge into big city traffic on I-35E South and Belt Line Road, crossing through fierce suburban wheel-to-wheel combat. By early afternoon, Spugly was parked and cooling off in P. S. I Love You's driveway. Ta-Da!

A rambling, tumbling, far-ranging, 8-hour, kitchen-table, sister-brother conversation ensued. Great fun! Great trip!

Peace, Love, and Happy Motoring,

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