Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Let's Do the Spug Lag Again

Waning Crescent Moon

After a great sleep in Room 127 at the Palomino Motel, I was back on the road and soon leaving the Land of Enchantment. It was like turning off a switch. Click. No more enchantment. Just like that, I was in my third time zone of the past 24 hours. It was so confusing that I likened it to a time warp or to jet lag, but in this case, maybe it was Spug lag. Then again, maybe it's just that time of year and I'm in Tejas.

The best part of crossing the prairie from the New Mexico border to Wichita Falls, TX was the tornado shelter/rest area on Hwy 287 near Hardeman. That thing was tricked out like a baby museum. I don't know who pays for that stuff, but it sure is fancy. Historical exhibits, videos, weather maps, restrooms like baggage cars - these Texas highway designer folks have been to college!

After a while, I passed by the exit for Paducah, TX, which brought back memories of Benny Goodman's orchestra with Carmen Miranda from some old movie back in the day. The "Paducah" song isn't about the Texas Paducah. It's about Paducah, KY, but still, it's a catchy tune that helps the prairie miles fly by. Of course, like just about everything else, it's on YouTube. Enjoy.

That's about it for today. Not exactly enchanting. I'm afraid Amarillo ain't no thrillo.

I'm looking forward to one more day of prairie hopping to end the eastbound part of this journey tomorrow at the gracious home of P. S. I Love You in Plano, TX. Rumor has it that a giant jigsaw puzzle awaits my arrival. Time to get down and solve that thang!

Peace, Love, and Hang On, Spugly,

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