Friday, August 28, 2020

Is It Safe to Turn On the TV Yet?

 Waxing Gibbous Moon

There is the Pandemic. Racial Injustice. Climate Change, Fires, and Hurricanes. Up in Flames End of Democracy/Acceptance and Worship of Autocracy. Endless Hypnotic Binge-Rot Numb-Dumb Stories. Plenty of Stuff I Am Probably Leaving Out. TV is essentially unwatchable. Somebody let me know when this is over.

Every Friday I volunteer to help with food distribution to local people who need it. Lots of people show up, mainly people with families, many of whom work their tails off picking the very same produce being distributed. How bizarre is that? How is it that there is so much food available to give away? Each brand new, very clean, sturdy cardboard box contains a gallon of milk, a pound of butter, a block of cheese, a sack of onions, a sack of apples, a sack of potatoes, some lettuce, some carrots, some oranges, sometimes some frozen meat, sometimes some canned food. Somebody made all those boxes. Somebody put all that stuff in the boxes. Somebody loaded them in the truck. Somebody paid for the gas to move the truck. Somebody (me and my dear masked friends) unloads the truck and hands out the boxes.  It's amazing! Where does the food come from? Is it subsidized by tax money? Tax money that comes out of the paychecks of people who aren't paid enough money to purchase food at the store? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I am still wearing my mask in public, avoiding crowds, keeping my distance, scrubbing my hands and face and floors and door handles. I am still eating right and exercising. I am still praying and centering and presenting my best self to the Chaos. That is my revenge.

Peace, Love, and Life in the U.S.S.R.,