Friday, October 18, 2019

Must See AZ

Waning Gibbous Moon

Getting out of Las Vegas in the daylight wasn't half as weird as last night's unplanned adventure on Dean Martin Drive. Lucky for me, I bailed off the highway quite by accident a few blocks down Deano's namesake service road from a not very cheap any more Motel 6. Sometimes being old and unusual works in my favor.  None of the strung-out, inebriated, deadend, um, self-employed uncitizens in the parking lot paid me any mind.

In today's morning light, I figured out I was right across the freeway from the Thomas and Mack Center, for what that is worth. I got the heck outta there asap. Soon I crossed Boulder Dam, and soon after that, I was in Arizona. I keep saying "soon" because the freaking speed limit is 75 mph, so Spugly was "sooning" all day.

Soon it was lunchtime and I stopped to "eat and get gas" in Seligman on old Route 66. The first place I saw was The Roadkill Cafe, which was busy and friendly, but not so authentic. At the east end of town, though, is the real deal - Delgadillo's Sno Cap Drive-In, a mystical little hobo burger joint magic trick junk art depot time warp celebrating its 66th funky chic birthday. This place is all fun all day all year long. You must go. I won't try to describe it any further. I'll just show you some hasty pictures and say you have to trust me. You really gotta go.

Thusly fueled and inspired, I continued to Exit 257 at Winslow, AZ. Yes, THAT Winslow, AZ. They even have a corner called "A Corner" for your very own selfieness and billboards saying, yes, "Take It Easy" just like you predicted they would.

So let's skip that part, okay? What is really cool is just outside of town - Homolovi State Park, where, for a measly eighteen bucks, I got a cozy campsite with a table, a clean restroom with a shower (!), a kickass sunset, and Hopi ruins to explore in the morning. It's going to be 35 degrees Fuh-fuh-fuh Farenheit overnight, but let's skip that part, too. Puffy jacket on, bag liner in, I'm snug as a bug.

Peace, Love, and Take It Freezy,

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