Monday, February 29, 2016

Undiscovering America

Undiscovering America


I'm going to need your patience here. I have the seed of a theme for this sea to sea hike I'm doing, but so far it eludes me. I might not be smart enough or alert enough or committed to it enough to pull it off. Somewhere deep in my gut it's trying to present itself. I want it to come out and I want you to see it and know it like I do and yet...

I cannot do this all at once. I don't even know how I would. So I will let it seep. A drop, a trickle, perhaps a pool at a time.

Make me a promise. Promise that if I undiscover America you won't ever try to discover it ever again.

Peace, Love, and a Continent,

Monday, February 8, 2016

Beach Blessing

Beach Blessing


I don't know what it is about Santa Barbara, but it always seems to me that my kung fu is strong there. When I know I'm about to go on a journey, going to Leadbetter or East Beach or Hendry's and touching base with Eddie All-State and the Earl of Montecito always grounds me. It's like checking to see if my shoes are tied, if my hat's on straight, if my spirit shirt matches my hiking pants. If that is all good, then it's all systems go.

So on Wednesday I fired up Spugly the Spectacularly Ugly Transporter and blasted on four cylinders and four wheels 250 miles to the sur. It was good. It was really good.

Sitting with Coach on the sand at Leadbetter Beach, I was treated to a show by six dolphins, my personal barometer for am I doing the right thing. See dolphins? Green light go. I didn't have my phone with me, so no photos, but trust me, they blessed me right on cue.

The weather was absolutely picture postcard perfect, so I was able to ride the Dream Machine and walk the recreation trail to my heart's content for two days. I couldn't help but realize, though, that very soon, this sunny shangri-la was going to be replaced by freezing rain and snow and night time temps in the freaking teens. Best not to think about that. Here and now. Here and now.

One week from tomorrow I will board the Amtrak for D.C. to begin my hike back to the beach. I am memorizing these images, savoring this holy coast, thinking dolphin thoughts. I will return as quickly as my beat up old feet will carry me.

Peace, Love, and Beach Blessings,