Sunday, December 27, 2015

Prayer for the World

Prayer for the World


Something's bothering me. Something's on my mind.  It's a trend. To me, it is subversive and purposeful and I wish it would stop. I will vote to make it stop. If you won't try to make it stop, I won't vote for you. Period.

Here it is. I wish people would stop saying that simple, common moral  virtues like tolerance for others, respect for people and cultures different from your own, fairness in competition, responsibility toward your environment, or kindness and awareness in your choice of words can be dismissed as "political correctness."

I don't know diddly squat about politics. But I do know right from wrong. I know bullying when I see or hear it and I was raised to stand up against it. Morally, in any religion, bullying and hate and deception and pollution and intolerance are wrong. If I say you are wrong for bullying someone who disagrees with you - if I say you are wrong for hating me or somebody else different from you - if I say you are wrong for placing corporate profit above public health - if I say you are wrong because you are stepping on the backs of the poor or the weak or the dark or the confused or the unloved - I am not being "politically correct" - I am following the moral principles by which I was raised. I will vote for those principles and nothing else.

That's what's on my mind on such a winter's day.

Peace, Love, and California Dreamin'