Friday, December 15, 2017

San Juan Bautista Annual Bonfire

Waning Crescent Moon

Every year close to the Winter Solstice and Christmas, the town of San Juan Bautista stages a giant bonfire in an empty lot next to the Mission. It is a very big deal in a very small burg. There is a modern (last hundred and fifty years) historical significance that has to do with some local old timers whose names are not very familiar or interesting to me. And there is an older, traditional, indigenous ritual also associated with it.

The former is nice. It commemorates people who contributed to their community in positive ways in their lifetimes. The latter, however, is more to the point of the present moment and its relationship to eternity. The traditional winter bonfire at the end of the Earth's trip around the Sun represents letting go of the events and any associated drama from the past year as well as a renewal of energy and conviction for the next one. It's kind of a reset, a pause to reflect in the flames on the truth of the eternal present. I can dig it.

So here are some bonfire pictures. I titled them not so much out of any metaphysical purpose or nuance but more like momentary whimsy. Call them whatever you want if any of them catch your fancy.

Early On












Peace, Love, and Letting Go,

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