Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas Parade

Full Moon

My favorite community event in San Juan Bautista is the annual Christmas parade and this year's rendition did not disappoint. In fact, it might have been the best one I have seen yet. There were more participants, both paraders and watchers, than I can remember from previous years and it seemed like every person I saw was in a great mood. I wish I had better pictures, but these few are the best ones I could get with my phone in the dark.

There were two marching bands, at least ten horses, innumerable antique cars and hot rods, the usual fire trucks and emergency vehicles, and lots of hay trucks, all lit up with LED lights.

My favorite "float" was the Brewery Twenty Five truck. I think it kind of looks like one of those animated trucks in the movie Cars.

The float with the Christmas dragon was pretty cool, too. I don't know if I have ever heard of a Christmas dragon before, but then again, I could be way behind the times. For all I know, Santa Claus could have traded in his reindeer.

This was the best car, I thought, but man, was it ever LOUD. Throaty. I named it The Guzzler.

Grupo Folklorico was a great dance group, but my picture of the best one didn't come out too clear.

Oh well.

The Christmas bonfire will be December 15. That will be wild and crazy. I hope I can get good pictures!

Peace, Love, and Jingle Bells,

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