Friday, March 12, 2021

Retreat Forward

 New Moon

Sometimes, to get ahead you have to take a step back.

That's what I did yesterday on a hike up the hill to St. Francis Retreat and back. Between the bothersome dental episode, the earwax excavation drama, and my first COVID shot, I have been feeling less than stellar for a month or so - not really sick or anything, just kind of slow. I got the first Moderna dose on March 2 and didn't feel any ill effects for about the first 36 hours. Then I got woozy, sleepy, and achy for less than a day, then I rebounded briefly before getting pokey again, with night sweats and some really foggy brain drain. 

Through all of it, I kept up my walks and substituted yard work and highway cleanups for the bike rides (a little wary of my balance). Often I would have to stop for a half a minute to just breathe and be still. That, of course, is not an unpleasant thing to do, but I wondered on and off how I might be perceived by a casual onlooker - oh look, there's an old man all wrapped up in dementia!

Yesterday, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I hadn't sweat at all overnight and I was refreshingly clear-headed. So after breakfast, I set off for a six-mile walk up to St. Francis Retreat and back to test my new clarity. It was awesome! I didn't stop and stare once! I think I'm back!

The sky was in transition between the storms of the past two days and whatever is going to happen next and my most favorite tree in the world was hanging out to greet me on the way up.

I can't explain it, but that big, graceful oak never fails to fill my heart with love. Is it more early onset dementia or am I really in love with a tree? The view from the other side, with different lighting on the way home is just as inspiring to me. Your mileage may vary.

Up at the Retreat, there is a gorgeous gazebo that features wide open views of the valleys and mountains, but yesterday, I was focused on the burly sky and clouds. 

After a quick tour of the grounds and the stations of the cross, I headed home through the comforting tree tunnel back to my cozy camp. I was feeling whole and balanced. It took a positive retreat to make some forward progress. 

Peace, Love, and What Will Shot Two Have in Store?

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