Thursday, February 12, 2015

Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy


I started this trip from Paso Robles mostly because a) I am out of shape, b) every escape route from San Juan Bautista involves bad roads and hard climbs, and c) Warmshowers members Mike and Karen kindly agreed to let me park Spugly in their Paso Robles driveway for a week or so. I am trying not to exceed 30 or 40 miles in any one day to minimize the shock to my heart and other various organs/muscles. So far, so good.

My waitress at the Durn Restaurant in Morro Bay this morning was friendly and efficient. "Durn" is not a disparaging term here. That's really what the place is called and it's durn good, if pricey. But hey, it's practically right on the water so rent must be sky high. From their patio, you have a great view of Morro Rock and the weird smokestacks leftover from the nuke plant.

According to the waitress, Brianna Bleachtooth ( not her real name), the smokestacks from the Diablo Canyon plant are scheduled to be removed in the near future, greatly improving the patio view.

The ride to Oceano was mostly easy today, with bright sunshine, mild temperatures, and a tailwind all the way. There were lots of bikes on the road and happy, friendly, waving riders. A pretty simple day, really.

Hopefully, the infamous Oceano Campground raccoons won't try to shred my gear in search for my secret Raisin Bran stash tonight. My plan is to hoist it up high on a tree branch as if the marauders were Sierra Nevada black bears. Raccoons are fierce and smart, like park bears. We shall see.

Tomorrow will test my legs and lungs. It's just over 40 miles to Lompoc and right at the end is the Harris Grade, a tough climb for my current slobbish retired guy winter condition. I think I can, I think I can.

Peace, Love, and Sleepy Sleep Sleepy,

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