Saturday, June 13, 2015




Here at Palomino's Mission Farm Pea Paradise and Pumpkin Palace, peas are popping out all over and pumpkins are edging out the summer campers for available RV space. This community garden thing is great. And we're just getting started.


On the menu tonight? Stir fry, what else? I might not be able to wait for dinner, maybe a lunchtime feast instead. The peas taste amazing right off the plant. I never knew pea picking could be so rewarding. I may turn to migrant labor (pardon my language) in my twilight years if my back can take it. Follow the pea harvest into the sunset. Como se dice 'pea' en Espanol?

On the adventure front, my Alaskan ferry voyage and Yukon Dream Machine trek is officially in mothballs until next year, assuming that a) there is a next year and b) I am not too physically degraded by then to accomplish it. You never know. This senior citizen thing is sneaky. Really, though, how important is any of this stuff anyway?

If I can manage it, however, I want to do it well and I want to have fun, which means no short cuts or sacrifices because I didn't allot sufficient funds for the trip or I didn't do my homework properly. Both of which, I think, are true this year. I might be overestimating how much it will cost, but who wants to run out of money 200 miles from the last ATM and 300 miles from the next food shack? One probably can't grow peas up there in a timely manner.

Plus weird things are happening this year, e.g. the Arctic summer temperatures are skyrocketing to the upper 90s, the dadgum tundra is on fire, and there are vampire lampreys raining from the skies near Fairbanks (seriously! it's on the intrunet! look it up!).

A replacement adventure idea is blasting its way between my ears at this very moment. I already ordered the maps. When I finish with the prep work, I'll clue you in.

Peace, Love, and Whirled Peas,


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