Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen


My NCAA men's tournament bracket is in shambles, as usual. I don't know why I even pretend to know anything about basketball any more, but old habits die hard.

Technically, I suppose it is possible that three of the four teams I picked to be in the Final Four COULD actually be there (Kentucky, Wisconsion, and Gonzaga), but the way the early rounds went, it's unlikely.

I was SURE Villanova would make it. I was DUMB to pick against Izzo and Michigan State. I WAS PRAYING that San Diego State would topple Duke. And I CAN'T BELIEVE Kansas whiffed against Wichita State.

Notre Dame? Lucky to be there - what else is new.

Of the remaining possible games, I would really like to see Wisconsin play Arizona, Wichita State play Kentucky, Louisville play Michigan State, and Gonzaga play Duke. Having said that, all those teams exept Kentucky will probably lose today or tomorrow just because I jinxed them!

This weekend here at the Mission Farm Campground we're having the first ever, or at least maybe in a long time, MFC Spring Clean Swap Meet. I would like to invite you, but this junkfest is for the very elite - members only. If I score big on something dusty, worn, and useful, I will report forthwith.

As for the previously featured First and Probably Only Pizza Pie Pi Festival, a rollicking, frolicking good time was had by all. The Nerdiest T-shirt Award winner was the lovely and talented Actual Dr. J from the salad bowl of America, Salinas CA. Honorable mention honors went to Captain Chem and What-the-Keck? Throngs of hangers on crowded into the Pizza Factory to take pictures and query participants as to the real secret meaning of Pi. To my knowledge, no one cracked under the pressure and nothing untoward was divulged.

Go Spartans. Defy all logic and win out.

Peace, Love, and Roundball,

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